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Casa dei Crescenzi


The Casa dei Crescenzi was built between 1040 and 1065 at the behest of a certain family of Nicolaus Crescenzi. The house is located on the border of the Forum Boario, facing the prospect of the Temple of Portunus, at one of the heads of the ancient bridge Emilio (Broken Bridge today). The house presents externally a very articulated curtain in brick and is characterized by the use of numerous marble fragments that were for the most part  reused, including shelves, entablatures, cornices and a lacunar (part of a ceiling of a classical building) used as the balustrade of the window in the facade. The facing wall is decorated with cornices in sawtooth brick (also typical of many Romanesque bell towers),  there are also some columns or pillars, which were to form a small gallery which marked the first floor of the house.  In 2003 the facade was restored at via Petroselli and in 2006 the restoration to preserve the facade on Via Ponte Rotto was done.