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Portrait of Cardinal Francesco Acquaviva d’Aragona. Antonio David (1720 ca.)

The canvas is in the convent of the Benedictine nuns of the Basilica of St. Cecilia.  Found and published in 2002 by Dr. Vanessa Ascenzi it was restored for the exhibition: “The Davids: two painters between six and seven hundred” 2004. Skira catalog.

The lacerations and the tears of the painting were restored with the technique of microritessitura of acrimony (non so che cosa e) with sturgeon glue.  The painting still has the original frame. The original chassis “rifunzionalizzato” from “Equilibrarte srl” has been used as support and on its external profile has been applied a border of scrolling for the canvas of rifodero. (non so che cosa e)  This has allowed us to maintain both the chassis of  the original frame and both perform the function of support and tensioning of the canvas.