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“Triumph of St. Gregory ” (1727) Placido Costanzi

Church of St. Gregorio al Celio

At the end of 2009 small plaster falls year alarmed the fathers of the Camaldolese monastery nearby.  In 2010 the Superintendency B.A.S. of Rome commissioned an emergency  prompt action to monitor the general condition of the frescoes and interventions for the stucco and painted surfaces, to make them safe. Investigations were made of various types of problems which have emerged to the foundations of the basilica, which lead to failure in the masonry and caused injury and detachment of the plaster of the ceiling frescoes. All the frescoes were made safe by performing consolidation with hydraulic mortar and premixed grout and plaster bandages for protection. After the structural consolidation work proceed for final restoration will be done.